Monday, November 26, 2012

Excitement on Kensington Ave

The last couple of days have provided a good deal of excitement on Kensington Ave.

First, Zachary completed his second bass guitar, this time making the neck as well as the body.  He really did all the work and has grown substantially in his woodworking abilities since the first bass - also his confidence. This one is a real beauty.

Secondly, Diana heard our neighbors dog barking a lot today which is not usual, so she went over to the fence to check.  Elvis (the dog) had cornered a large raccoon in an outdoor fireplace, and the two animals had reached an impasse.  Diana got a neighbor to jump down into the backyard and the shift in attention was enough to let the raccoon get up the outside of the fireplace and away from the dog.  He then proceeded to climb down a small oak tree and jump over to our plum tree and make his way up toward the deck where Diana was sitting taking photos.  As the 'coon approached the steps to the deck, Diana decided enough of the photography and got the dog and went inside.
The raccoon disappeared for the moment.
Kudos to Diana for the thoughtfulness of grabbing the camera.

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Gail said...

Beautiful guitar! Not so sure about the raccoon but it's a great picture.