Saturday, November 24, 2012

TNC Shoreline Preserve and Sunset

Rick and I traveled out to the Nature Conservancy Shoreline Preserve on the west side of Layton to photograph the sunset last night.  Boy does it get chilly out there!!
The beauty is impossible to truly describe or capture.  Everywhere you turn there is color, form and shapes as the light changes and plays its magic on the land water sky.  The structures on the land are enhanced by people and the light plays with them also.  Enjoy these - take your time and click on them to make them larger!

As we left, a barn owl began hunting in the dark just across the parking lot from our truck.  I turned the headlights on bright and we watched hin hunt with no concern for us and the light.  He was focussed on his prey!  A wonderful way to end a wonderful trip!

On the boardwalk the sunlit grasses surrounded us.

The wonderful structure that provides a look out over everything. 

The sun begins its downward path over Antelope Island, lighting up the grasses and open water.

Looking south from the preserve, the big sky and open land were engulfing to us.

Looking north from the preserve, the Wasatch were highlighted by the setting sun.

Almost down, the fun is about to begin!

Orange and yellow in the south, with kids hanging off the lookout and Rick walking back for another shot.

Tundra swans silhouetted by the colorful skies.

Ridges of clouds highlighted by the setting sun - these colors were really there.

Cattails in the setting sunlight.

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