Thursday, November 29, 2012

No Moon

A visit to the shoreline preserve yesterday in the later afternoon was intended to capture a very nice full moon rising over the Wasatch mountains.  Well, that was not Mother Nature's intent. Instead cloud cover filled the sky over the mountains and the moon was not visible until it was a ways above the mountains - and I was at home eating hot clam chowder!

What was there for us to see were myriads of Northern Harriers; most showing no fear of humans as they cruised just above the grasses hunting their prey. The Harriers were joined later by Barn Owls just as it was getting too dark to get a photo of them. I stood in the structure and the birds flew quite close by; watching me and the ground at the same time, it seemed.

Here's a couple of photos from last evening - after a stressful workday, I was able to relax quite nicely just standing on the boardwalk watching the activity - birds and people.

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