Sunday, November 4, 2012

On the road again......

Diana and I traveled to Price today for her to be the supply priest at the Lutheran-Episcopal church there - Ascension St Matthews. Only a little over 2 hours from home, we chose to drive down this morning and come back this afternoon. We took a different way back - Rte 191 over to Duschene and then Hwy 40 back home.

The church with its cross is always visually stunning and I tried some new angles this time. While I waited for Diana to complete the service, I spent some time in a graveyard not far away and wanted to share this particular headstone; I was very touched by it.

Clouds were the big topic of the day, with spaceship clouds flying over Starvation Reservoir by Duschene on the way home.  A great day to be alive.

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Ol'-Hippie said...

The gravestone left me with a sense of wonder and thought. What comes to mind is the saying "Don't sweat the small stuff and oh, by the way it is all small stuff!" We only have today to love.

Are you sure those were clouds and not real space ships???