Friday, August 10, 2012

Vacation in Montana

Diana and I are vacationing in Montana in the Bitterroot Valley - around Hamilton and Missoula.  I'm sitting outside in the dark at the B&B we are staying at just below Hamilton.  It is called Deer Crossing and that describes it very well.  It sits on 25 acres of forested and meadow land with a stream running through it.  There is an old apple orchard just down the hill.  The couple that own it also board horses and own two horses and a donkey!

In addition to deer, there are wild turkeys here and Stu, one of the owners, said there is a large red fox that has been visiting the meadow just across from our cabin.  I hope to catch a shot of him/her during our stay.
VERY quiet here - both Diana and I love that. The small stream runs right outside of our bedroom window so I anticipate a great sleeping night - along with the temp dropping to about 50!

Here's a couple of shots from the day.  The young deer was the first animal to greet us when I pulled up in the truck. The horse - Freedom - has beautiful lines and color and came down to check us out. The turkey family wandered into the front yard and back into the meadow - Mom flapped her wings so one of the babies did also. Then the clouds - what can I say!?

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