Sunday, August 12, 2012

Montana Day two

We spent a lot of time relaxing, touring the town of Hamilton and eating a wonderful breakfast at our B&B. The day was clear - the smoke from the fires waited until later in the evening to come over the mountains.
The turkeys showed up this morning, the orange cat on the property enjoys a good scratching, a Osprey circled me while I was waiting for Diana, standing in a parking lot downtown.  Lots of deer almost everywhere - all gardens have a 7 foot high fence around them if they are out of town at all.
As I post these I realize I probably need to shoot a 'River ran through it" photo, as the Bitterroot river runs right through the valley and is very picturesque.  Maybe I will get to that :-)
Here's a few from yesterday.  Enjoy.

We are staying in the log cabin at the end of the fence.

Backlit flowers on the decks of our B&B.

Smoke from Idaho fires drifts over the Bitterroot Mountains in the evening.

The clouds are sure beautiful here in the valley.

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