Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Last day in the BitterRoot Valley.

Monday was a slow day - visited the wine store and the bookstore (requisites for Diana) and other places just to see what was here.  Took a walk through the woods in the afternoon, another nap and then watched the shooting stars in the evening.
Monday was lawn cutting day at Deer Crossing and the turkeys were quite active before and after the mowing.  A smokey day in Hamilton from the Idaho fires, and I managed to catch a shot of the mountains as we came back from dinner.  The other photos have captions on them.
Long drive home today - be glad to see our animals again.

Stu headed to mount up!

Sure hope the kids make it through the winter!

This is the wonderful place we stayed.

Afternoon sun on grasses in the pines.

Not much to say about this!  They are headed for the birdfeeder.

Smoke from Idaho fires over the Bitterroots.

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