Monday, August 6, 2012

Uinta's again

Murphy and I took our weekly trip to the Uintas to refresh our brains and get some exercise. We started later in the day and were hoping for a great sunset.  However not to be, as the clouds covered the sun.  Nice and cool, tho' and worth the trip.  Kestrels were on top and accompanied us along the road, flying from post to post as we drove along the road.
We saw lots of deer, and the sky was pretty dynamic at times, which I worked at capturing. As usual, I captured a scene of the bald mountains - this time with a neat rain cloud in front of it.

Hanging out in these mountains provides a real sense of "nothing to worry about" - everything seems in its place and in its process.

Wonderful light on the yellowing plant leaves. 

This redtail followed us around for about 30 minutes - finally got a decent shot of him.

This little guy ran up this tree limb and then saw me, and froze while I took a few shots.

Looking up on our way home - big sky country.

This was one of two young bucks ambling through the sage.  Beautiful.

A multiple exposure to capture the dynamic range.

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