Sunday, August 26, 2012

Uinta Landscapes (and guide dog)

Here are a few photos of the landscapes that we enjoyed during our recent jaunt to the Uintas. A definite fall feeling to many of them, the light and colors were vibrant.
Murphy in the stream - he was acting as my guide dog after a long hike in the forest. Sometimes I follow him faithfully and sometimes I have to take another trail because I only have two legs! But he is a great companion; always checking back on me to make sure I am coming.

We stop here at the entrance to a narrow road.  We've seen a young cow moose here a couple of times and are always looking to repeat those sightings. This time we spooked something in the tall willows, but never did see what it was.

Geranium Leaves 

The once tall and vibrant stalks are part of the winter preparation.

Dare I say - "A river runs through it"?

Colors, lines, shapes and textures are everywhere in the forest.

Pastoral scene

My guide dog checking to make sure I am still coming!

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