Friday, August 24, 2012

Getting to be fall in the mountains

Murph and I spent the morning in the Uintas and boy, does it smell like fall is coming!  There are some leaves changing, mostly I saw the changing leaves around the Park City area. But some willows in the creeks are turning yellow; the ground cover leaves are turning red and the various plants have died back and are preparing for winter. It felt like the land was in a preparation time - preparing itself for the coming season.
The big attraction today was the hawks - first thing I did was stop for this immature redtailed hawk. When he turned his head around and looked up, so did I and there was his partner zooming overhead.  Of course he had to take off also! Wonderful to just sit for a while and watch what the natives do.
Also including my normal photo of the Uinta mountain peaks.  Definitely looks dry and "fally" here.

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