Monday, June 22, 2015

Walking the property at SouthWind Farms

I've been walking the property here and capturing some of the beauty that I see.  Uncaptured are the fireflies that come out each evening to fascinate us with their lighting display. The dragonflies love the small insects and the butterfly followed me around till I could photograph it!

The red-topped building is the classroom - a timber frame building that I assisted in building many years ago. It faces this 50 acre meadow with a pond.

Morning at the hacienda.

The next four were taken during a walk around the pond just below the hacienda.

You have to wait most of the day for the sun to hit these gorgeous day lilies.

Our friends school.

This wonderful old International dump truck was of great use during the construction phase. Now it mostly sits in the field dreaming of past experiences.

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