Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hanging out

We spent the day hanging out at the Grove Park Spa after a scrumptious breakfast that lasted until dinner. At the spa we were in and out of the water and sauna's and steam rooms and cold pool and whatever until I needed to nap.
Tonight dinner in Asheville with friends of Rick and Carey who we are traveling with - good food and good company.  We ate outside and suddenly the street became loud with street musician and protestors and lots of people around.  After dinner a round of good chocolate and then home.  Massage in the morning for me and then back to South Wind Farm for the rest of our trip.

Here's some shots from the day - loving the new pano feature in Lightroom, so easy and quick and saves a lot of photo ops.

Makes you think, right?

a beautiful place.

Spa entrance with waterfalls.

A very cool car!

Rockers at the entrance, we sat in them tonight for a while before coming in.

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