Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Musings

Last night there were a few fireflies lighting up so I captured their light in a time exposure - doesn't look like fireflies but more like the Cheshire cat who has become invisible except for his grin and an eye!!
We had lunch at Fearrington Village just down the way a is an old favorite of all of ours and we visited it fairly often when we lived here. They may be best known for the 'Beltie' a cow with black at both ends and white stripe around the middle. This time they had 'Beltie goats"!!
Very relaxing there and we wound up in our usual place, McIntyre Books which is a wondrous bookstore.

Fireflies emulate the cheshire cat!

Slim in the bowl again!

Heaven in a flower.

Our lunch spot!

The inspiration for the sign above!

Two Carolina natives - the Cardinal and the Carolina Wren - made themselves known as I wandered through the grounds.

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