Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Spending time in North Carolina

Diana and I are with dear friends in North Carolina and are taking a couple of days away from the heat of the Piedmont area to visit the Blue Ridge Mountain area around Asheville. We're staying at the Grove Park Inn, a wonderful old and unique place built on a hillside. All of us are enjoying time away from our normal day to day cares and will most likely spend most of tomorrow at the Spa! When we aren't napping!!

Our friends have two formerly feral cats who are pretty wary of newcomers so all I get is a very hard stare from each of them - but that is welcomed!  Following their photos are several of the Grove Park Inn - hard to capture the size of something like this.

Can't come to NC without a Cardinal photo.

Lots of spider webs here.

Grove Park Inn entrance below followed by two shots from the back side.

Below is a panorama that shows a bit of the immensity of this place.  At the bottom of the stairs is the spa of which much is underground.

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