Friday, May 26, 2017

Farmington Bay

I spent a couple of hours at the refuge yesterday.  Initially it started off being a very slow day for birds. A few white-faced ibis, a lot of yellow-headed blackbirds and of course, Canadien Geese. So I took a walk over to the old visitor center and around the heron rookery and wow - lots to see!
The mother duck that flew off her nest so I could take a photo of her eggs scared me very badly...she was about 2 feet away. The baby Coots with their bald heads and red fuzz - cute but remind me of devil birds!
A heron was feeding her young ones, I've not seen that before.  It looks like they shove their beak down the juveniles beak about as far as it will go. Bullfrogs lurking in the water, red-winged blackbirds nearby, young geese parading with their folks, and young mallards splashing to get their mouths in the water to get food...and a lot more!

Just as I pulled  out of the driveway, I saw this flash of green and yellow - not sure who lost the parakeet but it is pretty!

Watching me very carefully.

A classic photo - couldn't pass it up.

A night heron - at first I thought it was an egret.

This metal bird was buzzing around the refuge quite low - not sure what it was up to but of course I couldn't pass up a shot!

Several pelicans hanging around, this one was the only loner.

Tern hunting for food - fascinating birds to watch with their acrobatics and flexibility.

Quite a number of Grebes but none with kids on them - perhaps too late for that. I love their shape.

Young mallards - I saw a couple of these groups. Very cute and you just want to pet them!

Here's the Coot and it's baby - very interesting.

Mallard nest of eggs.

Red-winged blackbird.

Young Canadien geese are herded by their parents to the water as the parents stand guard against the three-eyed intruder.


Heron feeding it's young! And the rookery makes a constant noise at this time of year.

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