Sunday, May 28, 2017

A walk in the mountains

Well, not too high up since all the snow is not gone yet. But at about 6500 ft across the road from Jeremy Ranch, there are things to see and lots of places to walk - and swim, if you are a dog.  Molly and I spent time there this morning. I take her a) to wear her out and b) because it is a beautiful place to visit. Early morning no one else is around and she can run to her heart's content - which is a lot!
Today she learned she could swim - she desperately wanted the ball that a big lab was chasing in the water so she went halfway around the pond and swam across to try to get it. Now she will be unstoppable around the water.
Wild flowers, chipmunks, swallows drinking, ducks and just a good walk.

Ducks swim into the circle created by the reflections.

Drinking on the fly - swallow.

The place where we go...

Molly waiting for me - or not.

Wildflowers are out.

As are the Chippies!

Should I or shouldn't I?

I should!!!!!!!!

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