Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunny day trip to Skull Valley

I took a long ride out to Skull Valley today hoping to see what I could see - and I did! :-)

A Golden Eagle, a Bald Eagle, two male Harriers, and two Rough-legged Hawks were pretty much it in the raptor group. Beautiful sunny sky, some low clouds by the mountains and lots of water in the desert.
Here's a few shots.

Looking towards Dugway from Terra just as you come out of Johnsons Pass.

Rough-legged Hawk posing for photos.

Golden Eagle - He patiently turned around the other way and then flew off!

Bald Eagle was sitting on a fence post - none of the other posts had white on top so I stopped and sure enough it was he!

The "Grey Ghost" - my name for the male Northern Harrier.

Water flow from one side of Horseshoe Springs - no wading birds yet.

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