Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Another Refuge Day

This was quite different than yesterday despite showing up at about the same time. I love that about the wilds - always new.
Great Blue's, Harriers, Kestrels, Rough-leggeds and Black Crowned Night herons were the mainstay of the day. Here's what caught my eye.

Sitting on top of Goose Egg Hill and this gal just flies up over the edge!

Why this raccoon was out on the ice exposing himself with no place to hide - who knows!

Herons played hide-and-seek with me.

Young Harrier sleeping in the sun!

Night Heron - immature.

Merganser trying to stop!

Another night heron - I saw 5 altogether and all immature.

This gal sat on a fence and watched me roll up to her!

Regal - both the Rough-legged and the Kestrel!

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