Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday at the Refuge

It was a very "quiet" day at the refuge today, one Harrier, one Kestrel and two Rough-leggeds. One Bald Eagle and a few GBH's. But the Black-crowned Night Heron kept things interesting, flying around and scaring the bejesus out of the Pied Bill Grebes - they made big splashes as they escaped!
Tundra swans out on the ice - love to hear them talking!
Any time at the Refuge is Time added to days left to die!

Tundra swans and a lot of various ducks.

Northern Shoveler watching me.

Here's the night heron and grebe splash!

One Eagle!

My friend always poses for me.

He looks cold despite it being 59 out there - south wind over the ice and snow makes it cold.

Goofball here flew in front of a car, landed on the edge of the road and proceeded to hunt despite three vehicles being about 8 feet from him!

Rough-legged hunting.

More Tundra Swans - I love their airborne profiles.

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