Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hard to be bored!

Feeling kinda blah yesterday afternoon so we took a ride over to the Stansbury mountains close to sunset to pep ourselves up. Today I drove back from SLC and took some photos of birds. In between captured some shots of the two horses next door - beautiful animals.

Driving home on Hwy 36 just past Lake Point and captured this hawk, then was surprised by the GBH in the field - wonderful!

Stansbury Island continues to attract me - the light on the ridges and shadows and sky and ......

Our neighbors have a couple of horses and the sun was just setting as I walked down the road with my camera.

Taking photos of the horse above and this one was very curious - maybe after a treat!

Diana and I were out on the deck and it happened - a murmuration right over the top of us! The sky was filled with starlings and it was like being in another world!

Couldn't pass on this guy - so representative of the fierceness of the hawks. He was hanging on tight in about a 15 mph wind also! When he flew away he just opened his wings and the wind carried him away - gorgeous.

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