Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bits of history and other fun things!

Stormy and rainy day yesterday so Murphy and I took a ride - really because we wanted to get out and because light and clouds can be fantastic during storms. We got a little wet at Horseshoe Springs during our walk in the rain, but then  the rain pretty much stopped and we had a great time.
There's a lot of history in these desert valleys and it is fun exploring and learning.  Here's some from yesterday.

First a couple of views of Stansbury Island in the morning sun.

Here is the Stansbury mountains in the morning sun.

The back side of the Iosepa sign on Skull Valley Road. Google Iosepa and read the history sometime.

These two and several others were messing around on the road to Dugway just before the Lincoln Highway cutoff.

The plaque and then a 180 view from the point. Man, the wind was horrific up here, had to hid behind rocks to get a steady shot!

Oquirrhs on the right and Stansbury mountains on the left - you'll want to click on this photo to see it better.

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