Monday, July 28, 2014


It's been a week since I posted - my how time goes by! Our focus this week has been on the landscaping we have going on, so we went to the rock place and picked out some big rocks for the dry streambed... well, they came today. We are very fortunate to have a landscaper who works very close with us so that makes it so much easier.
It looks like we will have the sprinkler system this week, sod next week and the dry streambed along the way. We bought two large Austrian pines and I planted them - think I would rather wrestle a bear than these pine trees!! They are at the back of the property and really make a difference just by themselves. A gardening shed is on order and should be here next week - one has to have an outbuilding on their property right?!
All the dust and dirt and being in the middle of everything makes life a bit challenging but so nice to see the end in sight!

A couple of shots from today - rocks, topsoil and stuff.

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