Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Horseshoe Springs visit

I had been promising Murph a visit to Horseshoe Springs so after dropping Diana at the airport we headed west. A warm day but not quite as bad as yesterday.
One pair of black-necked stilts was left at the springs and they buzzed us a couple of times, then went away. Mostly there were dragonflies and deer flies, the latter of which bite quite hard! We did see two large carp and they swam away quite quickly right under Murphy's nose - I thought (hoped) he would jump in after them but it was not to be!
On the way home a young hawk caught her dinner and let us take a couple of shots!

Big sky country again - always opens my heart!

Nature creates art - we just have to see it and enjoy it.

Heaven for a black lab is fresh cool water on a hot day!

This hawk was wary of us and then...

....off she went with her dinner.

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