Sunday, July 20, 2014


This afternoon Murph and I checked out James Walter Fitzgerald Wildlife Management Area south of Tooele about 25 miles. It's an easy drive down Hwy 36 and we got there and parked and walked across the dike. I'd planned to get Murph in the water, but it was so low that everything was almost quicksand and he didn't get wet.
Great big sky country with storm clouds around - we didn't get any rain there but as I am typing these a rain burst is going over the house! Looks like a lightning caused fire just east of Tooele in Pine Canyon - burning well cause I can see flames from here.
Here's a couple of shots from today!

Pelicans hanging out.

Storm clouds headed our way.

"Hunkered Down" - when the wind picked up ahead of the storm the pelicans just got down.

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