Thursday, July 17, 2014

Around the neighborhood

An early morning rise was cool and comfortable on the front porch watching the light slowly rise behind the Oquirrh's. Murph and I meandered through town, then down to Stockton to view the burnt area from the fire yesterday. Then over past Rush Lake to 'Raptor Way' which runs down to Rush Valley and over Clover Springs and back up the Dugway road. We saw a LOT of hawks, many of which seemed young and had markings that were not immediately identifiable. A couple of them are below. Murphy had a good swim at Horseshoe Springs on the way up and we saw something that must have been there for a while - but I had not seen before - the Shoe Tree! Sometimes you are looking so hard for one thing that you miss the obvious!

These clouds/smoke were over the Oquirrh's yesterday morning but before the Stockton fire.

This guy looks like a real doofus!

The (now) infamous Shoe Tree!

Dragonfly at Horseshoe Springs - poetry in motion

This hawk looks awake and alive!

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