Saturday, May 3, 2014

New home in Erda, Utah

We've been fairly busy the past few days, getting ready to move from Kensington to Spiral Springs Road in Erda, moving and then cleaning the old house and beginning to unpack the new. We've reached some semblance of order in the new house but have a long ways to go! So interior shots will come as rooms are organized and my interior decorator gives me permission.
Lots of help from friends and family was the only way we made it through! Rocky Mountain Movers did a wonderful job and everything arrived in excellent shape. Cats and dogs are acclimating very well - lots of room for Murphy to run.

To give you a sense of the exterior of the house and the neighborhood we are in, below are a few photos - we are on an acre of land.  Our new address is 3749 Spiral Springs Road, Erda, UT, 84074.
We've slept here two nights - it is kind of like camping in luxury - we have no curtains yet so we get to see the sky and stars from our bed!

Sunset two nights ago on the back of the house and the Oquirrh mountains - facing east.

Sunset over the Stansbury mountains facing west.

One of the first loads the trusty Tundra made from Kensington to Erda - 216,000 miles and going strong!

Front view looking SW. All the day lilies and roses, etc., that Katie divided are in pots by the front steps until we decide what to do next.

Looking North up Spiral Springs road.

Another northerly view with more perspective - on the far right is Antelope Island and on the far left is Stansbury Island in the Great Salt Lake.

Below are a couple of our neighbors :-)

Thought I wouldn't put a bird up today? Wrong!

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Jill Kowallis said...

It looks wonderful!
Gage and I would like to come out to visit, and contribute some service work. Congratulations!