Sunday, May 25, 2014

Back to the birds

Well, it had to happen - me out taking photos of birds again. All of us traveled over to Timpie Springs today, about 30 minutes from home. The clear spring water in the middle of the desert is an oasis - mostly for the birds.  Here's a few that we saw as we made the rounds.

Egret peeking over the grasses at us.

This pelican buzzed us as he went from one pond to another.

Avocets play and the black-necked stilt looks for food amongst the flowing waters.

A pair of black-necked stilts pause to check out the large vehicle - gorgeous birds.

The next two are babies, not much bigger than my hand in size. I think they are baby stilts but not sure as the avocets and stilts nest close to one another. I believe the avocet chicks are much fuzzier.

Rounding out the trip was the GBH sitting on the fence at the end of the road. As we drove slowly toward him two more GBH's flew out of a small ditch on the left side of the road and then all three took off to parts unknown.

Lots of birds to see and we only touched a very small part of the WMA - will be back to see if the peregrines are still there.

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