Sunday, May 19, 2013

Minnesota - last day

We had a very restful Saturday in the Northwoods. Visited a few familiar places, coffee at the Front Porch, afternoon nap, dinner at the Junction in Babbit. It turns out that Saturday was not a good day to leave from Duluth after all due to fog, so hopefully today will be better.
Sitting on the deck outside the lodge to use their wifi, finches, sparrows of all types, jays, and many others are singing their hearts out. Snowshoe rabbits with just a bit of white still on the bottoms of their feet are playing nearby. The wood smoke from their boiler fills the air with the sharp smell of burnt wood. A fisherman staying here told me that the grouse are drumming but haven't heard them yet.

Here's a few of the photos from yesterday from our travels and play.

Diana on the dock enjoying the quiet - framed by new buds on the maple branches.

Mom's final resting place between her husband and her parents.

A sweet young doe curious about humans.

Woody Woodpecker seeking food.

Afternoon reflections on a pond in the overcast weather.

Two examples of growths that are common on (usually) dead trees in this area.

Evening reflections framed by aspen.

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