Saturday, May 18, 2013

Minnesota Day 2

Mom's funeral service went well, sun came out and embraced us after an iffy start to the day. We came back to the lodge after spending some time with the folks that came to the service - some great memories shared together.
After drinks on our patio with Sandy and Alison, we all had dinner at Ely Steakhouse - great waitress and good food. Then back to the lodge just in time to capture the sunset.
In the west we are used to wide open spaces, so I was glad to have the openness of the lake here to combine with the sunset. Lots of songbirds - here's a white-throated sparrow. Check out it's song if you get a chance - haunting and beautiful.

White-throated sparrow tousled by the wind.

Earlier we had two bald eagles sitting in those aspen.

The last sunset hurrah!

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