Friday, July 10, 2009


One of the ways I keep learning is by subscribing to photography oriented newsletters. I recently learned about creating a triptych in Lightroom, as well as being reminded what the viewers eye likes - odd number combinations instead of even ones.
At the same time I had been thinking about how to display the shots of a heron fishing - and suddenly it all fell together. So here it is!

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snap-smith said...

I think I saw the article on triptych's if it was on DPS newsletter. I like yours much more than any they had on their page. The ripples in the water make for such a softly interesting background against the sharpness of the bird and the water. I think the fact that there's only a single bird in each photo, doesn't let it become too busy, which is how I saw the ones DPS displayed. This is one I'd like to see hanging in my house.