Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tips Day

Remember the old song refrain (Beetles, I think) - "I get by with the help of my friends"! Well, in photography that is so true - most of us are more than willing to share tips, hints, and ideas. Here's a couple for today:

HDR information =
This link was passed on by a friend, and looks to be pretty comprehensive and understandable.

Learning Photoshop - well, one of the free ways to do it is to frequent and take some of the free courses and sign up for their newsletter for daily tips.
Another way is to become a member of NAPP - at for $99/year. Not only do you get an incredible amount of information, you get decent discounts that can more than cover the cost of your membership.

Nikon users - is a members group with some pretty good training and gear discounts, plus possible connections when you travel.
Also, is devoted to Nikon products and he does a great job of testing out gear and creating manuals that are worth buying. This tip was passed on to me by a guy sitting across from me on an airplane!!

Canon users - I haven't found a Canon members group although I am sure there is one out there.
Pictures to come with a later post!

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