Wednesday, October 5, 2016

North to Mendocino

We took a great and slow day trip up to Mendocino to eat lunch at a place we had eaten at about 25 years ago! It and the B&B that we stayed at were still there! And the food was very good.

Along the way we stopped in Elk for coffee and - since I had to use a restroom - walked a short distance into Greenwood Park to find the RR.  Well, the guy cleaning it out quickly pointed out whales and dolphins out in the bay and we wound up spending quite a bit of time there.

The whales were barely surfacing and would blow occasionally but I have photos of definite 'blobs' that move!  Dolphins and brown Pelicans were more accommodating!

Once in Mendocino, Diana did some shopping and I wandered around looking for photo-ops. The best ones I found were at the Headlands where a Burrowing Owl posed and played peek=a=boo with me and a bold Raven took my offerings up close! What fun!

Ocean sculptures!

He is quite cute, you have to agree!

The power of the waves is hard to fathom!

If I had had a couple more treats I believe he would have taken one from my hand.

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