Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Feathers, flowers, fur and fish!

A beautiful day here in the valley so MJ and I stopped by the owl nest to check on them - what a great choice that was!  Mom and babe both looking at me - wow! Then a quick stop to grab a pic of the white pelican and then down the road for the fur - yellow-bellied marmot on a post!
Out a Horseshoe Springs the long-billed curlews have arrived, the black-necked stilts continue their crazy play and the big carp are joined by an orange fish from someone's aquarium!  Across the highway the blue and the orange flowers add beauty in their subtle way to the landscape.


Golden eagle taken through the truck windshield - hate to do it that way but was only way to get a pic.

Long-billed curlews

Black-necked stilts

Yes I was surprised to see an orange fish in these waters.

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