Friday, April 10, 2015

Back at Horseshoe Springs

The wind died down and the sun came out and in between landscaping work Murphy and I visited Horseshoe Springs again.  The Avocets and Stilts are there along with a colorful assortment of ducks - mallards, teal, etc... I also spotted one big trout in the pond. After splashing around in the water we took another unexplored road up to the North Stansbury Mountains study area and found zillions of rocks of all kinds, just piled as the glacier left them, I suppose. A cricket wearing gang-like insignia's closed out the day!

Murphy doesn't chase birds and if he is walking slowly they don't scatter.

The avocets and stilts hang out together a lot.

Here's the cricket - have to look close to see him but the insignia on his back is very visible.

Rocks galore!

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