Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What a Day!!

Murphy and I set out to see what we could see - and what a lot we did see! Drove over to Stockton, then around Rush Lake and over to the Mormon Trail. From there to Rush Valley, then Clover Creek and over Johnson's Pass to Terra. From there to Skull Valley Road and home.

First, a coyote was 'windsurfing' on Rush Lake! Beautiful animal.

Then the mulies were playing and eating in a field in Rush Valley.

We stopped at Clover Creek Campground, that, although closed you can park and walk around. This Kingfisher came around TWICE and landed in the same tree both times because I couldn't get focus on him the first time!

No one enjoys snow more than Murphy!

While watching Murphy play this Redtailed Hawk came out to see if we were worth eating - sure gave us lots of good shots.

Once on Skull Valley Road, we flushed a Golden Eagle but were unable to capture any shots - and it was gorgeous! But a little further along sat this guy, a Rough-legged I think.

Our favorite stopping place, Horseshoe Bend Springs, was as beautiful as always.

Have you ever been 'buzzed' by a flock of Blue-winged Teal?  Scared the daylights out of me. They really didn't like me being close to their spot and they let me know it!

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