Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Desert travels

We wandered over Johnson Pass and down through Terra, took a left on a dirt road and wound up at Lookout Pass on the Pony Express Trail - all in an afternoon yesterday. No wild horses spotted but some other wild things were out and watching us.

Antelope wandering through the grass.

We were a couple of hundred feet up from the road that I normally take through this part of the desert and what a difference in view that made. And, while it is quiet at our place it is SILENT in the desert.

Wild flowers - have to look down regularly to see what's at your feet.

Just a fun scene with a bit of potential.

Mountain bluebirds - always a pleasure to sight the flash of brilliant blue in the desert.

A Horned Lark - not often seen but usually around.

This guy was funny!  We watched him trot along towards the road in front of us - when he got just to the road he kicked on his afterburners and roared across the road, disappearing up a small arroyo. As we pulled up he was walking so I called to him, he stopped and I got this shot. Maybe too much testosterone!!

A group of Mule Deer just below the Pet Cemetery at Lookout Pass - wary but not alarmed at us.

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Anonymous said...

Good eye Ger! Looks fun out there.