Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SFO Day 2

We enjoyed breakfast at the hotel, then caught a bus to the Golden Gate Park. What a deal - $0.75 for seniors to ride the bus. We priced out Lyft and it would have cost close to $21.
So we enjoyed seeing the community close up and relaxing along our ride.
De Young Museum was our first stop and boy does it have some wonderful art. After lunch in their cafe we wandered over to the Japanese Tea Garden for a deja vu tour through the grounds. We visited last about 20 years ago and it doesn't seem like anything has changed!
Then a bus ride home - I could get used to this cheap transportation.
Here's some shots from the day, starting inside the De Young, then moving to the Garden and it's beauty.

Looking down on a display of glass fruit that was at least 10 feet across.

Old metal worked bookend.

Sculpture in the sky

Chihuly - light and color.

Old hands.


Stellar's Jay - yes, in SFO!

Patterns from nature

Female mallard bathing

Duck and fish

Male Mallard

Very sculptural pose!

Crayfish scuttling to hide from camera!

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