Friday, September 5, 2014

The Old Home Town

I'm back in Ely, Minnesota, for a couple of days for the 50th reunion of our HS class. In my free time today I drove around town, back out by the old homestead, visited my folks and grandparents graves, and had a blast at the Wolf Center.
The weather cooled off today and the wolves were very active so I got a number of nice shots. They are aware of the people watching them and one came up and laid down right in front of the window that I was standing at - posing for some shots!  Love it!

Ely seems to have re-invented itself with a new slogan.

Cemetery shot.

The sun does come out in Ely amidst the ubiquitous clouds.

The next shots are of the wolves - they are fascinating to watch especially their interactions with one another.

At least one cutesy shot was deserved.

This is the male that came over to the window I was shooting from and laid down and looked up at both myself and the other guy with a camera.

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