Monday, September 15, 2014

Never a dull moment on the frontier!

This morning I was working out on the back 40 when Diana called to me in an urgent voice - "there's a sheep in our garage"! I made her repeat that twice before it sunk in that there was a sheep in the garage!
Up the street are a dog and some sheep - normally only the dog wanders down to see Murphy but today, for some reason, one of the sheep wandered along with the dog. Cute little guy and he could recognize a rope right off and started running! The guys in the truck coming toward us in the last photo stopped to help and we caught him and dumped him (rather unceremoniously as these guys were cowboys) into his home field!
Another day and another adventure in frontier suburbia!



This guy has a rope - I'm outa here!!

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Anonymous said...

great shot!