Sunday, September 14, 2014

Raptor Rapture

Murphy and I enjoyed a mid-day drive around the area, stopping at Horseshoe Springs and a rabbit sagebrush area along the way for some exercise. Raptors were everywhere posing for us - except the prairie falcon and the kestrel that would not sit still long enough to get a shot, even while the truck was moving!  Oh well, next time!
The mosquitoes at the Springs drove us out quickly - less than a minute standing still and you could not see the skin on your legs anymore! Down the road we went and stopped briefly to watch these kids driving cattle along. The front dog almost looks like a pig?!
At the rabbit sagebrush area Murphy saw a jackrabbit and chased it a little ways. Usually he is so busy smelling that he never sees the rabbit. But he got a good run in before turning off to check out another enticing aroma.
A wonderful day, as any day above the dirt is. With the plethora of morphs and raptors I am not going to try to identify these for you - enjoy their fierce independence as they gaze at you!

The ravens are on every other telephone pole, very wary of stopping vehicles.

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