Monday, December 3, 2012

Reminders of simplicity

I was reviewing a series of old photos today, photos I took in 2007 with a D50 Nikon (6 megapixel) and a fairly vanilla 70-300mm lens.  A fairly new digital photographer, this was an entry level DSLR, a step up from the point and shoot Canon that I had been using.
The series of photos came from a salmon fishing trip to Canada in early June of that year. I'd never been salmon fishing, but jumped at the chance to go.  It was early in the season and not a lot of salmon were present. The bald eagles, black and grizzly bears were everywhere and they were all very hungry!

One of the guys on the trip asked me in a teasing way - 'Did you come to fish or did you come to take pictures?" Well, I caught the first salmon and went on to catch another, PLUS got a lot of wonderful photos.

The simple D50 with a kit lens did an outstanding job on the photos; especially considering how little I knew. Sometimes I think a lack of knowledge can be a blessing.
Here's some of the photos that I took while fishing!

White-sided dolphin cavorting in the bay - love the hills in the background.

Dolphins would swim with the boats - they are quite fast!

Looking for food - the eyesight of these birds is hard to comprehend.

This guy would watch us and if we caught a fish he would attempt to take if off the hook before we could land it.

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