Saturday, December 15, 2012

A couple of ways to pay it forward

Snow came last night and today and the birds were hungry (aren't they always?)! The goldfinch are always so eager when the weather is bad and often they become so engrossed in eating that I can walk right up to them. They roar away with the rush of wings and then come back quickly when I am gone. I counted 20 in this photo.
I've eaten a lot of birds in my life, and love to provide them with food as a way of thanking them for their beauty and life!

A Christmas project I created this year is providing family photos for families at the Midvale Road Home homeless shelter.  Two photo shoots so far with at least one more scheduled.  Families are very grateful, and I enjoy the interaction with them.  As I was setting up for tonight's session I saw one of the photos that I had taken in Monday's session - and had to take this photo to provide a small sense of why I do this.

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