Friday, June 1, 2012

Mountain springtime

Murphy and I took a long anticipated trip to the Uinta mountains today, a day when I hoped that the visitor traffic would be very low.  It turned out that way, and what we got to see and do was invigorating.
The moose met us at the beginning of the narrow road that we love to travel.  She also met us on the way out. Mostly she just stood and watched us, and Murphy does not chase wild animals that are bigger than he is!  Very smart.
It is still early above 8000 feet - hard to believe given all the work in our garden, but up there, things are just starting out.  The aspen barely have leaf buds at the highest elevations, the water flows in the streams are similar to mid-summer due to a drier winter, and the wildflowers have yet to come up.
But all that aside, the trip still clears the mind and stirs ancient memories in both man and dog.

So why is the robin sitting on the log also?

Slowly and carefully the moose disappears into the woods

The aspen have a long ways to go still

Butterfly beauty.

At first glance this looked like a bear!

Bye, bye Miss American Pie!

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