Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunshine trip to the refuge!

Hey - the sun shone this morning and it was very nice!!! So Mom and I and Murphy went out to the wildlife refuge to see what we could see. Right now the valley is socked in and it is raining - gray skies and water and it never seems to end.

Anyway - at the refuge we saw a lot - these ducks chasing one another are a blue-winged teal chasing a cinnamon teal! Then the bullfrogs - well, they love to tease Murphy and he loves to jump in after them with a big splash! Mom watches all the antics and seems to enjoy it.
The iris we saw on the way out of the refuge and it was like they were shouting at me to take their picture. Yellow on green is fantastic.

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snap-smith said...

I wonder if Mr. Frog would turn into a prince if I kissed him........or, chances are in favor of it just being a revolting experience!
More great photos.