Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happening's in the Hood!

Our long-time mailman, Kevin, retired after 31 years; he's 47. He has been a watchdog over the neighborhoods that he serviced, plus being a down-to-earth, real guy. So we threw a party for him Friday evening, and all had a great time. We met people that we knew from other places but had no idea that they lived in our neighborhood. Plus old folks, young folks, all different religions (and non-religions, which is not always easy to do in Utah), barbecue and lots of stories of people that had grown up in the area and played in the 'gully' (a stream runs through a wild area behind several houses). We also met a true Irish lass and had a good talk with her about Cork and other places in Ireland.
Much fun and helps us feel a bit kinder towards each other. Here's a couple of photos - the long-haired guy is Kevin; Timble is the name of the little white dog looking for snacks, and then a general shot! It didn't rain on the party, but there were threatening clouds as we go into our second week of Oregon-type weather!

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