Monday, June 15, 2009

Nature Photography Day

Today is Nature Photography Day - and the North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA) encouraged all their members "everywhere to use a camera to explore the natural world. A backyard, park, or other place close by can be just right. And by walking, hiking, or riding a bike to take photos, people won't leave a carbon footprint behind." I found a lot of great photos in my backyard as the sun set. But the one I submitted I took on the way home from work. It was one that I've seen a lot of variations as I drive home - sun and shadows on the Wasatch mountains.
This one is an HDR image using Photomatix to create the HDR from 5 different exposures, then accented a bit in Lightroom with clarity and blacks. While perhaps a bit 'over the top' the beauty of the mountains ia always a 'bit over the top' in its own way and reminds me - after living here close to 30 years - how incredible the mountains really are.

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snap-smith said...

great photo.....very dramatic!!!