Friday, April 3, 2009

Cathedral Windows

A project I am working on is to create a book that documents all the stained glass windows (or at least all that you can see) in the Cathedral Church of St. Mark in Salt Lake City. This is our church and is the Cathedral for the Epsicopal Dioscese in Utah.
The Dean, Rick Lawson, has been very supportive of this and as a result, I've been introduced to the world of printing! I have made books using templates from places such as iPhoto, Blurb, etc., but to do this one properly and at a cost that was acceptable, I had to create a book from scratch! So last night I downloaded Adobe InDesign (free trial) and watched a bunch of training videos from the Adobe site and created a book!
This was a very empowering experience - to be able to take my photos and create a document with them in a professional manner is incredibly exciting!!!
Anyway, I will have the book finalized by Monday and will post a link to it (or maybe I'll learn how to publish it to the web - gee!). The windows are really awesome and inspiring.

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