Friday, August 11, 2017

Elk Lake Lodge on Elk Lake, Montana

Diana and I spent four days at this lodge and found it incredibly relaxing! First, it's location in the Centennial Valley makes for breathtaking landscape beauty every moment of the drive. Secondly it was very quiet, peaceful and full of wildlife. Kingfishers chittering away, Osprey screaming, ducks quacking, Sandhill cranes croaking...on and on. We had a mom and two fawns run close by the cabin the first evening.
I took a number of photos as you might imagine, so will do them day by day here. Enjoy!

Centennial Valley in the afternoon sun - you are only seeing a small portion of the valley.

Juvenile antelope showed us how to get through a barbed wire fence.

The Red Rock Lakes WMA is home to Trumpeter swans.

Cattle are used to mimic the buffalo - keeping the grass short in certain areas so the birds that like short grasses have a place to live. Of course they are often in the road and you and your vehicle take second place!

Our cabin on the right. This is looking back up from the lake toward the lodge and cabins.

Osprey hunting.

Momma and her two babies.

Part of Elk Lake - it extends both to the right and left.

Sandhill cranes flying in for the night.

Pelicans seem to enjoy the mountains also - shallow lake so perhaps good eating.

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