Saturday, August 12, 2017

Elk Lake Lodge Day 2

The sky was hazy all the time we were there, from fires around the area. No smell of smoke, just the haze.
Day 2 we hiked a bit, took a short canoe ride - short due to the wind that came up quickly after we had gotten out on the lake - and rested well. Diana got a lot of reading in, much of it sitting on the front porch enjoying the quiet peacefulness of the place.

Here's a couple views of part of the lake and the lodge and cabins. In the top one you can see the haze in the sky obscuring the 10,000 foot mountain just on the other side of the valley.

I walked up the road you can see in the photo above to the right. There was a hill that I wanted to get on top of to see if I could see any Sandhill Cranes on the other side, since we kept hearing their calls from this area. I did not see any but the climb was worth it as I got to see another part of the lake (second picture down).
 Diana had a great book so she vicariously encouraged me.

This upper part of the lake is where we thought the cranes were, and they may have been there but I couldn't see or hear them when I got there. Beautiful.

On my way back to the cabin I caught this duck water-walking!

On the short canoe ride we saw the Kingfisher, group of Mallards and the GBH below.

Hanging out on the dock I enjoyed watching the various ducks do their things..

The entrance to the lodge and cabins. Just what you would expect in this country.

The haze cleared a bit by sunset so we had some enjoyable skies for a while.

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