Sunday, June 4, 2017

Carey at the refuge

Carey and I spent a couple of hours at the refuge this morning before it got too hot. Lots to see and to marvel at.  Here's a bunch of photos of the various birds and their activities that we observed.

Female Yellow-headed Blackbird in a cool pose.

Classic Great Blue Heron photo

Cinnamon Teal

 Snowy Egret in landing pattern.

Boat-tailed Grackle

Great white egret

Directions anyone?

Turtle watching a bullfrog watching a turtle...

Fragile and beautiful

The Soarers.

Left behind...

Heron rookery - lots of activity.

A new plant for me..?

Clark's Grebe just watching..

Carey and her feathers.

GBH sunning

Teasels and water and sky reflection.

Easter eggs - had us fooled for a minute!


Flight lessons

Tern fishing

Red-winged blackbird followed us along from shrub to shrub.

Snowy egret in flight..

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